Sunday, 5 July 2015

Linux - Open Source Operating System

At the heart of all software is source code - the programs that perform basic functions. With open source software, this code is protected by a special license that ensures everyone has access to that code. That means no one company can fully own it. Freedom means choice. Choice means power.

That's why we believe open source is inevitable. It returns control to the customer. You can see the code, change it, and learn from it. Bugs are quickly found and quickly fixed. And when customers don't like how one vendor is serving them, they can choose another without overhauling their infrastructure. No more technology lock-in. No more monopolies.

We believe the open source model builds higher quality, more secure, more easily integrated software. And it does it at a vastly accelerated pace - often at a lower cost.

Open source spans platforms, middleware and applications. From data center to desktop. We help enterprises take full advantage of the capability and cost savings of open source-letting them do more with the technology they already have.

The subscription model allows Red Hat to have a mutually beneficial, cyclical relationship with customers:
Deliver new technology as soon as it's available.

Provide unlimited support at no additional cost.
And finally, the feedback we get from regularly working with you helps us deliver better technology tomorrow.

The benefits of choosing Red Hat
Red Hat is a leading contributor to the development of open source software. In fact, as noted by a couple of recent surveys, Red Hat is the leading corporate contributor to the most important open source project of all, the Linux kernel. Because Red Hat is the largest corporate contributor to the kernel, and able to influence features and strategy, this is an area where Red Hat is well-positioned.

A huge ecosystem of hardware and software partners offers both services and certified solutions, in collaboration with the industry leader. This powerful combination provides:

Thousands of certified applications from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  Hundreds of certified hardware systems and peripherals from leading OEM vendors, spanning multiple processor architectures

Comprehensive service offerings with up to 24x7 support and a 1-hour response time, available from Red Hat and selected ISV/OEM partners

Excellent performance, security, scalability, and availability, with audited industry benchmarks
Open source technologies that are rigorously tested and matured through the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora project.

Quantum is proud to announce its partnership with Red Hat for much in demand RedHat certified Engineer (RHCE) and RedHat certified System Administrator (RHCSA) programs. These certifications provide demonstrated knowledge, skill and ability required to handle the Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.

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