Friday, 29 May 2015

How to Setup GiThub account in ubuntu/Debian flavour

For beginner’s GITHUB is the treasure of centralized repository system which growing the speed of beyond the limitation of your thinking so lets start manager our source code using git hub created by linus torvalds
To setup on your local linux system
Step 1:- Install git software using below given command
root@kali:sudo apt-get install git
Step 2: Create a directory where you want to keep your projects or code
root@kali: mkdir /myrepo
Step 3: change directory to recently created directory
root@kali: cd   /myrepo
Step 4:- Do some basic setups and configuration like your username and email_id
root@kali: git config –global “redashu”
root@kali: git config –global “”

Step 5: Now its time to create your new repository
root@kali: git init   redrepo
Note: here redrepo is simply your repository name which can be any name as per your convenience
it will also create a new directory of your repository name

Step 6: Go to that directory which is recently created that is redrepo
root@kali: cd /myrepo/redrepo
step 7: now you can write any code in any language for example i am writing in python language
root@kali:cat   >
Print “this is what i want!! ”
Note: I have written my code using cat command you can write in your favourite editor
Step 8: Now add your code to repo
root@kali: git add
Step 9: Now commit your code for persistence
root@kali: git commit -m “this is my first code in python at GIt hub “
Step 10: Now go to and create an account of same name and address which you have created on your local system
Step 11: Now test your local system with real account using below method which is login to your account using Linux command
root@kali: git remote add origin
Note: Here redashu will your username which you have created before and redrepo will be your reponame
Step 12: Now you can push your local machine code into Real git world
root@kali: git push origin master
Note if in any case you received any error like push failed then use
root@kali: git push -f origin master
Now enjoy your Global and downloaded or pull the codes from anywhere!!


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