Friday, 20 June 2014

How To Get A Red Hat Linux Certification

The steps to getting a Red Hat Linux certification are fairly straight forward. I mean, the concept is simple, but actually doing the work and getting the certification can be tough, especially for the more advanced certifications.
The process you can follow is something like this:
  • Determine which certification to get. This will come down to two things - which one you want, and which one you're eligible for. Have a look at the requirements and recommended experience for each of the certifications, and make a decision. Many of them are based on junior/intermediate/expert levels, and have prerequisite exams, which limits your choices. The Red Hat Certified System Administrator is a good place to start, if you're not sure.

  • Determine the requirements. Confirm the requirements on the official website. This may include previous exams, years of experience, and certain knowledge. You should be eligible to sit the exam before attempting to study for it.

  • Enroll in the course. Make an enrolment into the course, and set an exam date. Yes, do this before you even start studying. This will give you a deadline, and subconsciously motivate you to study more and get it done quicker. Without a set date, the study may just never happen.

  • Study. Read the material, get familiar with the course work and the included topics. Take notes, practice, and learn.

  • Sit the exam. Depending on the exam, it will be either a theory exam based on computers, or a live exam where you perform on a Linux machine.

  • Pass. Knowing your material and getting the questions right will mean you pass the exam.

  • Celebrate! Well done, you've passed the exam and earned a certification! All your hard work has paid off and now you're RHCE Training in Jaipur Linux Certified!


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