Tuesday, 29 April 2014

RHCSA: A New Base Level Certification From Red Hat

The new version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is now released and with this new arrival, certifications under RHEL 4 will no longer be current. Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) exam is no longer offered by Red Hat. RHCT exam is now replaced by RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator). This article attempts to provide a clear picture about new changes in RHCE Training in Jaipur.

RHCSA is the new addition to the performance based certifications, to strengthen IT professionals with superior training and performance based assessments in the IT industry. The certification title itself indicates more precise description of the duties held by people with this certification. More over RHCSA is built with thorough analysis of the knowledge and skills needed for modern system administrators. This is an outcome of technical survey, task analysis and feed backs from professionals world wide. In effect RHCSA is similar to RHCT except with some additions to include the result of feed backs from professionals.
RHCSA is the base system administration certification. Now onwards those wishing to earn RHCE on RHEL 6 must get RHCSA and write separate exam for RHCE. RHCE is now upgraded as a higher level system administration certification. A current RHCE will remain as prerequisite for advanced level certifications from Red Hat.
The main changes with RHCE exam on RHEL 6 is that previous RHCE Exam (RH302) will be replaced by RHCSA Exam (EX 200) and updated RHCE Exam (EX300). These two exams are now separate and RHCSA is not embedded with RHCE as RHCT was earlier. It is not necessary that one must get RHCSA first, before being eligible to write RHCE exam. If one passes RHCE exam first, then their record will be retained and when they passes RHCSA the earlier RHCE will be clubbed and person will be then RHCSA and RHCE. RHCSA, Summer Training in Jaipur exam is also performance based which evaluates skills through hands-on lab based system.
Certifications from Red Hat provide validation of a professional's technical expertise and knowledge. Nowadays enterprises looking for employees can give more preference to certifications as an input into hiring, promotions and other allowances, as these certifications are obtained from performance based exams.


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